Prelude is a group learning game that helps foster 21C Learning Skills including social and emotional literacy. It is an ideal way to start a school term or training program. Prelude provides a safe experiential zone for youth to learn about and practice key Aggression Replacement Training® skills.


Prelude has four activity modules (one online, the others manual). This involves creating “Tags” through a spiral learning process moving from individual self-exploration and expression, to team, and then whole group work.

Not enough can be said about Prelude’s usefulness in helping youth with antisocial behaviors to develop crucial life skills like empathy and collaboration. – Robert Calame

In 2010, Prelude was successfully piloted as part of Aggression Replacement Training® programming at Batshaw Youth and Family Services in Quebec. The Aggression Replacement Training® Counselors – Robert Calame and Kim Parker – recommended Prelude to Perseus House Charter School in Pennsylvania. Perseus House teachers and students also had similar positive learning experiences. Prelude is the creation of H.B. Esbin based on his doctoral research (McGill 98). It is also informed by international senior management experience of two decades.

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