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Social Emotional Intelligence

  • Steve Nowicki (2007) encourages all community members to teach critical skills related to emotional intelligence. Daniel Goleman’s (2010) research has further shown the importance of teaching social intelligence both with students and adults. Therefore, a strong empirical base is being created that shows that programs can develop social skills as well as academic skills. There is a growing body of research supporting the strong impact that enhanced social and emotional behaviors can lead to success in school and in life.
  • We can call this “social, emotional, and academic learning”.
  • Conceptualizing the underpinnings of the development of Social Emotional Intelligence it is helpful to understand Adverse Childhood Experiences and the large body of work that assesses the impact of trauma on the lifespan.
  • Aggression Replacement Training®, supported by its’ large body of research, has promoted Social Emotional Intelligence within the framework of competency development, since its origins with Dr. Goldstein.


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