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Aggression Replacement Training

Aggression Replacement Training® is an intervention designed for aggressive adolescents and children. Its component procedures are:

  • SkillStreaming – which teaches a curriculum of ProSocial, interpersonal skills (i.e. what to do instead of aggression).
  • Anger Control Training – to teach youth what not to do if provoked.
  • Moral Reasoning Training – to promote values that respect the rights of others, and help youths want to use the interpersonal and anger management skills taught.
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Workshop Objective and Contents

Workshops on student aggression, assaultive and delinquent youth, and juvenile gangs featuring SkillStreaming, Aggression Replacement Training, and the Prepare Curriculum, three progressively, more comprehensive intervention programs designed to enhance the ProSocial behavior of aggressive, acting-out or delinquent adolescents and younger children.

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Train-the-Trainer Protocol

Practitioners must demonstrate substantial proficiency to be eligible to be trained as a trainer.  Substantial proficiency requires that the following conditions be met:

1. Comprehensive clinical training and supervision in group facilitation from an Education & Treatment Alternatives, Inc. (ETA) master trainers.

a.  Participation in an initial (2 or 3-day) clinical training.
b.  Participation in a booster (1-day) clinical training.
c.  Participation in consultation phone calls from an ETA, Inc. master trainer.
d.  Submittal of completed fidelity tools.
e.  Submittal of a minimum of two videotapes for review by ETA, Inc. master trainers.

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