An evidence-based solution to anger and violence

Developed around the objectives of skill learning, anger control and reduced recidivism, Aggression Replacement Training®, plays a pivotal role in all PREPARED INC initiatives. The program is available for incarcerated and inmates upon release. With more than 20 years of documented results, it is an intervention that has stood the test of time and is widely embraced by schools, delinquency centers, prisons and similar agencies.

The program has proven to be a highly successful approach for working with both young people and adults who experience difficulties with interpersonal relationships and pro-social behavior. Developed by Arnold Goldstein, Aggression Replacement Training® has three major components:

  • Skillstreaming: teaching what to do instead of aggression
  • Anger Control Training: instructing what not to do if provoked
  • Moral Reasoning Training: promoting values that respect the rights of others and use of learned interpersonal and anger management skills

Nationally recognized intervention

Aggression Replacement Training® is a psycho-educational model that provides practitioners with very specific methods and a curriculum of behavioral modules grounded in sound theory and research. As a result, such as the U.S. Department of Education’s Expert Panel on Safe, Disciplined & Drug Free Schools, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and the U.S. Department of Justice, the American Correctional Association, have recognized the program for its effectiveness and long-term impact.

The basis of Aggression Replacement Training®

Aggression Replacement Training® training is delivered in a series of structured groups where participants are:

Shown examples of expert use of the behaviors that constitute the skills in which they are deficient
(i.e., modeling).

Given guided opportunities to practice and rehearse these competent behaviors (i.e., roleplaying).

Provided with reinforcement, reinstruction and performance feedback on how well they perform their role-playing enactments.

Encouraged to engage in activities designed to ensure that skills learned in the training setting will endure and transfer to the real-world setting.

With more than 20 years of documented results, Aggression Replacement Training® has stood the test of time.

Need Training?

Training is provided by Education and Treatment Alternatives, Inc. We travel all over the United States helping educators with training and the implementation of Aggressive Replacement Training®. Send us a message and we will contact you to get your training setup.

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