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Instructions for Taking the Aggression Replacement Training® Quiz

  1. Please ensure that you are using a modern browser before taking the quiz.  Older versions of Internet Explorer are no longer supported.  Edge, Chrome, Firefox all work.
  2. If you don't see a Blue Next Button at the bottom right corner of these instructions, then chances are you need to update your browser.  (You can also try to take it on your phone).
  3. Click on the Next Button and answer each question. You can click the Previous button if you need to go back to the previous question.
  4. With each answered question, your % completed will go up.  Once you've answered the final question, please click the Submit Button and wait for your results.
  5. A message will appear with your score.  If you score 80% or greater, there will be a link to your certificate.  If you scored less than 80%, you will be required to take it again.
  6. Thank you for taking the course!  Good luck on the Quiz!
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