The Prepared Curriculum: For Post Secondary & Career Readiness


Training is provided by Education and Treatment Alternatives, Inc. We offer online courses and also travel all over the United States helping educators with training and the implementation of Aggressive Replacement Training®.

The Prepared Curriculum (TPC) introduces a new and exciting post-secondary and career readiness platform that helps connect all students, starting as early as 6th grade through adulthood, to reach optimal academic achievement towards their post-secondary and career goals with total funding in hand.  This comprehensive program empowers students, adults and families to connect lifelong learning to their future contributions to society.

This program provides schools and community service agencies with the knowledge they need to help students prepare for life after high school and into adulthood.  TPC also supports students throughout their post-secondary career by continuing to mentor them on important financial aid deadlines, student loan consolidations and overall support of the student ‘s post-secondary experience. The program is also available in Spanish.


Mission Statement
To provide a comprehensive and developmental post-secondary and career readiness platform for educational facilities designed for students, adults, families, and educators to collaborate towards reaching optimal academic achievement to prepare the client for post-secondary and career goals, and becoming productive and contributing members of society.

This program is a personal resource for the post-secondary and career process. Through a series of weekly video modules, worksheets and assessments, TPC provides all the essential steps to find, enroll, and receive financial aid and support for the post-secondary process. There are post-secondary options after high school and it is our goal to assure that planning is as stress-free as possible. This program provides all the information necessary for students to prepare for post-secondary and careers while having a fulfilling experience.

The counselor portal is designed to optimize time by providing program participants with an online post-secondary and career readiness program of study. Program participants are mentored by TPC advisors on important post-secondary planning topics such as college admissions, financial aid, creating a post-secondary list, PSAT, SAT, ACT Aspire, and ACT testing, job preparation, financial literacy, character, as well as the college application process to name a few.

By having a working understanding of these topics, all clients are more focused and informed when meeting with counselors on their post-secondary decisions. TPC utilizes monitoring tools to track the progress of the program participants, send them individual or group alerts, and generate reports to see at-a-glance how students are advancing in the program. This program meets the requirements for the Academic and Career Student and Guidance Plans across the country.

School Administrators/Directors
This program allows you to oversee counselor, parent, and student progress through TPC reporting tools for administrators which are also equipped with shareable data to monitor the program’s effectiveness for each student. School administrators have the ability to track students even after they leave the learning environment.

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